Music Strategy

It is our goal to provide a consistent musical atmosphere for all FIRST events. Please review the Strategy guides prior to your event. These guides will help make your event sound “professional”.

Taking into account that music is a very subjective area, and everyone’s tastes are different, we try to stay in the genre of “sports music”… which encompasses every other genre of music. Sports music has different atmospheric vibes, from walk-in music, to game-on music, to award music, and everything in between.

Our aim is to enhance the event by cheerleading, not only reacting. The guides will help identify areas that need audio attention and that the choices in our playlists accurately reflect those needs.

2020 Playlists

The following files are .zipped as they contain the Strategy Guide and the suggested playlists [in pdf and excel format] and the Do Not Playlist. The suggested Do Not Play list are songs with language unsuitable for a public audience, songs with content deemed too sexual, about drug use or promotes taunting/bullying. Some songs on the list are there because they may be popular but the tempo just doesn’t fit.

FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Robotic Competition playlists coming soon.


There are certain tracks that have a custom FIRST feel to them…especially the last song of the day, after the awards ceremony…a song by the Demer Brothers called Inspire the World.

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